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I'm not Dead, I've been working on stuff ...

Posted by ShaowArts - October 20th, 2021

Heads up: This is a post I made for DA so some of that stuff about being too hot doesn't apply here so I'll be posting the lewd sneak peeks for you all in a couple blog posts.


Hi again everyone, sorry for the super long radio silence, but don't worry there are good reasons for why I've been away.

  1. I Got a Day Job Hooyah!!! - I finally was able to find an day job, (Thank God). Despite what you my think, this new job has greatly improved my art since now I don't have to worry about making sure most of my art can catch as many peoples' attention as possible in order for me to attract customers for commissions, (by the way I'm still taking commissions regardless of me now having a job) which is a huge load off my back.
  2. Most of my new project are really complicated or too lewd for DA or both - I'm working on about 6 to 7 projects, ranging from some comics to single pinups with multiples outfits or characters sometimes both. Alongside that, most of those projects are a little too hot for DA (check out my Newground page: https://shaowarts.newgrounds.com/ or my patron when they're done if you're interested, WARNING: they are very lewd with heavy futa on female action, just wanted to give you a heads up if that's not you're cup of tea). But don't worry, I've been working on pinups for all you guys on DA who've been favoriting and watching me on here. https://e.deviantart.net/emoticons/s/smile.gif Thank you so much for that btw, it means a lot considering how long since it been since I posted on here. https://e.deviantart.net/emoticons/s/smile.gif

Pinups I've been working on (that I can post on DA):

  1. Vette #2 - The second pinup for Vette from SWTOR and the final piece in my Star Wars fanart series. I probably won't get to that Aayla pinup I mentioned in my last update sorry everyone. However, once this is done, I'll post a new poll for the next fanart series. If you all have any suggestions posted down below. https://e.deviantart.net/emoticons/s/smile.gif Side note, I felt a strong urge to draw some ass, that why I made this pinup a continuation of your previous since I thought it would make sense with the pose. I even added something a little extra to the pinups, that you'll see when I post it. Look forward to that.
  2. Jean from Genshin Impact - Yup I'm still cracking away at this one. I haven't worked too much in the previous weeks, but which Vette is done I'll focus on this one so I can finally get it posted. Its been taking so long since I made different faces for both Jean and Lisa alongside trying out different outfits for them. The outfits still haven't been finalized but I'm getting closer to what I want, shy and bashful Jean in skimpy clothes from Lisa's closet while said Lisa laughs and teases her about it. The idea being that Jena made the mistake of asking Lisa if she can burrow one of her dresses for an upcoming ball, with them being the same size she that it would no issues but boy she wrong.






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